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NCIS Guidance

NCIS Guidance


Hello, and welcome to the North Canton Intermediate School (NCIS) Guidance information page! Below you will find some general information about the school counseling program here.  

I will be seeing all of the students through guidance lessons. This either happens by homeroom, or by grade level lessons. The topics of these lessons range from character lessons, interpersonal skills, to career lessons. There are also guidance related school-wide activities that occur throughout the school year.

In addition, I work with students through small group counseling. Throughout the year, I hold small groups which typically meet during lunchtime, Vike Time, or academic assist. If your student is selected for a group, you will be notified by a permission slip and/or phone call. Of course, you may contact me directly if you wish for your child to be a part of a group.

I also meet with students individually. There are several ways that students can meet with me. They may write a Care Card (I keep a small locked box outside of my office for students to drop these in), you as parents or guardians may request that I meet with your student, or a teacher or staff member may refer a student to my office. When I meet with students, I honor confidentiality, with the exceptions of safety concerns (harm to self, harm to others, abuse or neglect) or if a judge orders disclosure.

*Something special about the NCIS Counseling Office is that Chase, a registered therapy dog, accompanies me to work on some days. Any student wishing to see Chase may do so by email request, phone request or by filling out a Care Card.

I make every effort to be available to students and their families. Please feel free to contact me anytime through phone, email or by setting up a meeting. My office and my ears are always open!

Click on this link or paste in your browser to view a short video covering this information: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tcU0pS96l3zeWWOELEUbUots72DE75PD/view?usp=sharing

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